Monday, February 27, 2006

The pilgrimage of questions

Kildysart, Ireland is a three pub village on the southern tip of the Shannon. Mike invited me to spend a week with him after my ten days of pilgrimage in Glendalough. He invited Tot to join us for breakfast. Mike and Tot are seminary and football mates from almost 50 years ago. They served as priests in America nearly 90 years between them. Tot asked me why I had come to Ireland. I told him I been on a pilgrimage. He asked me, "You wouldn't be insultin' God by searchin' for him, now would you?"

A pilgrimage of questions. God? Could God be found? What if I find God, then what? So what? Is God searching for me? What if God finds me, then what? So what? The only possibility of answers lie in the pilgrimage of questions. Risking the power of the asking and being courageous enough to live into the questions beckon my existence. You?