Monday, December 24, 2007

everything must change

Brian McClaren's latest attempt to cast a vision for the emergent church movement towards social justice is a good start. Though, like most of his books he stops short of the end of the run way, I must admit he comes closer than any of his previous works of actually taking off. As a friend of my said, "He must have gotten bored before he finished."

His personal research through travel is undeniably powerful and allows him to make some provocative demands of the Evangelical circles to whom he is preaching. His exegesis is insightful at times. Though, I must admit, I prefer Stanley Hauerwas' socialist perspectives on the gospel to be more compelling. The evidence of McClaren's research is quite evident and extremely useful. This book is an excellent resource.

I found his treatment of the Millennium Development Goals to be rather dismissive and I was troubled by that. I will admit to my bias in that I believe the Episcopal Church is making a good effort at making this a real goal for the local church.

The format is excellent for a book study, which he intends, including questions at the end of each chapter. I find it impossible to imagine a study going on for thirty-four weeks (the number of chapters) - but the eight sections seem reasonable. I intend to lead a young adult group in such a study.

While the book is worth the read, the price of hard back will keep some young adults from reading it and I find that unfortunate. For those of you who can afford it - it's worth the time and money.