Monday, May 21, 2007

Peregrini looks at the next journey

Peregrini, pilgrims on the spiritual journey, keep journals, look for signs and try to ascertain if the direction is one being of being fetched. Never wanting to plod along with our heads down, we scan the landscape, ever intentional, looking for new possibilities. Experiences that provoke the spirit.

Our intenitional Peregrini gathering has been built around the premise that the question is more important than the answer. "God?" has been the beginning or our conversation for almost three years. Our intentions are that this open ended possibility continue.

After a night of serious conversation about the next stage of journey, fellow Peregrini came to the point of looking for where that next leg might be. Without changes the strengths of Peregrini, the open ended questions, the meal, the freedom to drop in and out, we have added some sign posts for the journey.

First, we will meet every Thursday at 7:00 pm. Second, we will meet at St. Augustine's on Broadway and College. This venue affords us a more comfortable setting, easy access to the kitchen and a consistent evening of gathering. While holding to our hour and half format we intend to add some features which should make the experience even more experimental for the explorer.

We will begin our new format and location on August 2. Our last gathering at Fair Trade Cafe will be June 7. The topic will be "God? What am I looking for?"

Thanks to Fair Trade Cafe who has been a gracious host for the past three years. We appreciate your hospitality. Most of us will still drop by and visit you on a regular occasion.