Friday, May 01, 2009

After sermon writing ramblings

Do I really have to tell people to not shake hands at the sharing of the peace? Do you think Jesus used hand sanitizer before feeding the 5000 or before breaking bread at his last meal?

"I have guarded myself more carefully against contented people than against contagious diseases." Victoria Wolff (quoted from The Sun magazine)

I wonder if Jesus would want to be confirmed as an Episcopalian? Or be ordained as a deacon or a priest? What would his discernment committee say? Would his vestry approve his request? Would the parish support him financially at seminary? Would his homiletics professor approve of his preaching style? I guess he did have the gift of gathering, but was he entrepreneurial enough?

After sermon writing ramblings -

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Chimney Swift said...

I wonder if Jesus could deliver a cost-per-disciple report to his patrons, or if the shepherd who goes after the one sheep who wandered should reconsider given the cost/benefit analysis . . .