Monday, February 01, 2010

mystic Christians

I made a commitment to a life coach in front 60-plus of my colleagues and the Bishop that I would spend more doing what I really love – writing. That means being more faithful to my blog. So, before I give the dog his weekly bath, have lunch with a dear friend, go to Costco to buy things for our daughter’s wedding (I’m in charge of the bar, go figure, no comments about that please), stop at the grocery store and then drop by and see my mom – I want to say Happy Feast Day of St. Brigid’s and happy birthday to Jana and Betsy who are part of St. Brigid's Community, cool day for a birthday.

At our last St. Brigid’s gathering I suggested (through the work of Richard Rohr, The Naked Now) that those of us who are Christians consider the possibility that we live our lives as mystic Christians. Which is different than a Christian mystic like St. Teresa or St. John of the Cross. Emma, who is nine, wanted to know what I meant by being a mystic. I told it was like looking through a different set of glasses. I wish I had told her to go look in the mirror.

Mystic Christians, writes Rohr, are people who see with the “third eye,” derived from the Presence of God. And that Presence, union with God, comes about through prayer, which is intense intimacy with God, intimacy with ourselves, intimacy with others, and intimacy with life.

I’m not sure what that might look like tomorrow, but today I am willing to dive into it and see how deep the Spirit will let me go.

Okay, the dog really needs a bath.

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