Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day before Pilgrimage

Dublin, Ireland 7.11.12 Tomorrow begins my pilgrimage. I’m walking Ireland Coast to Coast from Dublin to Kerry about 360 miles. Cathy and I are in Dublin enjoying a few days in this lovely city that we adore. Having been a few times it’s nice to be able to check out some of the smaller venues and museums off the beaten path like the Writer’s Museum. Writer’s write by writing, everyday, no matter what, where, or when. Carrying a journal, making constant notes, capturing character traits, events, mental pictures—especially in a place like Ireland, is a must because this place is a writer’s cornucopia. Dublin is an international city with the distinctive ancient culture. Breathing in the soul of the past and present is intoxicating. Admittedly, I’m very excited about beginning the walk tomorrow. And, I am anxious a bit. I am 58-years-old after all. I need for my body to cooperate. I’ve trained, prepared, worked on my mental outlook, and now it’s time to start. My prayer is St. Patrick’s Breastplate—God be my ever companion and always present.

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