Friday, July 04, 2014

Moyne to Shillalagh, Day 7 of the Wicklow Way

Most of our group stayed last night at Kyle's Farm House. The B&B is the home of the owners of a true working farm. When the hostess told us the eggs were farm fresh, it was easy to imagine she gathered them this morning. The evening dinner and the morning breakfast were exquisite. We needed those calories for the day ahead.

Father Sky was gentle with us today. The temperature dropped ten degrees, the sun was hidden behind beautiful white, blue, and purple clouds and we were covered with a constant breeze. Today's sixteen miles, while exacting their toll, were much easier to endure.

The path took us directly out of the farm house and up the side of a sweeping hill covered on one side with pastures of sheep and the other side with waist high ferns and grass. We walked through more hues of green than any giant box of Crayons could contain. The trail took us through the dark woods, down across more fields, this time populated with milking cows. We even encountered a peacock who seemed curious about our journey. We rested on a hillside to eat our lunch and take in a panoramic view of where we had walked the first half of the day.

The miles have taken their toll on our pilgrims. Blisters, sore knees, stiff backs, a sprained ankle, lots of aching and sore feet are accumulating. The last five of today's sixteen miles were over tarmac roads, the hardest surface for distressed legs and feet. Every morning we spend thirty minutes bandaging feet and taping ankles and feet. Our group has been been troupers in the face of their challenges. But, as we face the final day of the walk, I am concerned about the physical wear and tear on our group. Tonight I have been praying for healing grace and mercy for those who are struggling with the worst of the injuries. All the while, from experience, I am also praying for what the new day will bring. Fresh experiences and more challenges. Such is the Way of the pilgrim.

Thank you to all of those many who have praying for us. You will read these last two posts a few days after the fact. Internet has been very spotty.

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