Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I’m boycotting the Olympics. Who cares you ask? No one I suppose. It’s just one of those things that is a matter of principle. Not only am I boycotting the Olympics because of China’s lack of respect for human rights but also because of America’s lack of respect for human rights. The President of the United States allowed the U.S. team to compete and he made his presence very known at the games. I do not believe either should have happened. So, I’m doing my own personal boycott by not watching any of the Olympics or reading any news about them.

It is true that my absence from the television and the support of the Olympics is of no consequence. It is however necessary for me to take note. Particularly being the Olympiad originally began with a cessation of all wars for the period of competition. Evidently no one from this country or Russia has paid any attention to anything other than the medal count while the body count in Afghanistan, Iraq and Georgia continue to mount.

It seems amusing that people watch the Olympics anyway. The majority of people who watch the “games” night after night probably wouldn’t show up at a swimming meet, diving competition or even a track meet of any kind. My guess is the vast majority of people watching have no understanding of the competition they are witnessing. They just know somebody wins. Winning, the true American way.

From past experience, the television producers realize this and so they fill the airtime with overly “dramatic” and cheesy commentators and endless human-interest stories. While I have no intention of criticizing the competitors, the “fans,” well, are probably the same people who “vote” for the American Idol.

But, I will admit, for those of you watching, it can be entertaining even if you only watch gymnastics once every four years yet did nothing to help support Arizona State University gymnastics team when it was being axed. Anyway, entertainment, that’s what professional sports like the Olympics is all about and that’s what American’s crave the most.

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