Thursday, August 28, 2008


Two of our dear friends were married a few days ago. We are so happy for them. Disappointingly we could not attend. The wedding was on a Saturday and they live in another State. In fact, they live in only one of two States where they could legally get married. That fact is frustrating.

Our friends have been together 24 years. They love each other. Its obvious, when I see them together, how much they care for each other. They are a match, not to be cliche', made in heaven.

You get it right? May friends are joined in a same sex union. They were married by an Episcopal priest. Because of the abuse they have endured I feel it would be inappropriate and unfair to give you any more information about them. I love them and feel it important to protect them. I also love them and want to tell their story.

My prayer is that one day the world we will live in will not discriminate. I know that's naive, but I'm still going to pray for the peace which passes all understanding. It is also my prayer that sometime soon the bishop of our diocese will allow us to offer the blessing of same sex unions. The Episcopal Church says it is welcome to all. If that is true how can we discriminate against those who seek the table and our blessing for their love?

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Anonymous said...

It is very sad that you, a priest, cannot see God's plan for man and woman. Instead you are willingly blinded by the secular imperative for postmodern acceptance of all deviation.
Would you marry three people if they wanted it? Would you marry two brothers who loved each other?
Besides the issue of marriage did you know that Dr Robert Spitzer, the man who championed the removal of homosexuality from Psychology's DSM also champions reparative therapies for homosexuals? He even calls is a "right".

Do you understand the physical damage and shortened lifespan this lifestyle imposes on its participants? Do you care for their lives or do you think unbridled "freedom" is more important?

"Good Men love Freedom; all others love not Freedom, but license." - John Milton