Sunday, October 07, 2007

God and baseball 2

Oh the pain of the Cubs. Oh the suffering of another loss. At a point anyone who embraces an attempt to understand God can empathize with Cub fans - longsuffering. It's so hard to watch. Admittedly, I am a Diamondback fan - but, still, in all truth, my heart goes out to the billy goat.

Of course, it really couldn't have gotten any worse when on Friday night the Diamondbacks were making their way to a sure victory but still within psychological reach of the Cubbies. A break? Dbacks shortstop Stephen Drew was hit by a pitch and started to take first base. Wait a minute - the umpire said Drew didn't attempt to avoid the pitch - the umpire evoked a rarely enforced rule and ordered Drew back to the plate, where he promptly hit a home run on the next pitch. Doomed once again.

And what does God have to say about that? As usual, God is silent. God is a suffering God, suffering in silence. Somehow we can relate, though we wish it were different. We would really like God to be more like a white knight God or a Santa Claus God or a miracle worker God - instead, God is a suffering God. Cub fans seems to understand oh so well.


Andrea said...

Hi Gil! I didn't know you had a blog. It's been awhile, how are you doing?

4peregrini said...


good to hear from you - you a baseball fan? or just checking our peregrini? hope all is well blessings to you