Thursday, October 25, 2007

What happened to the Diamondbacks?

The Diamondbacks looked great against the Cubs, but what happened when they played the Rockies. Two things I guess. One is the Rockies were red hot (not so against the Red Soxs last night). The second is the Dbacks played like the youthful rookies they are - they made the mistakes young players make. They over ran bases, made assumptions about umpires calls and played tight when they got behind.

What does any of that have to do with God? Nothing. And that may be the best point. Life brings lots of circumstances to us that are out of our control and equally it brings things to us we can control with maturity. To blame God for thing outside the control of the world, in other words to blame God for evil in the world or reasonable people who make bad decisions, is to want to believe in Santa Claus, not God. As well, it is equally immature not to accept responsibility for our own actions and those things we can control - like the decisions we make.

Blaming God strangles the opportunity to mature. If the Dbacks want to be better they will have to recognize their mistakes and work on them to become mature players.

I think maybe the Cubs are on to something - wait till next year. I just hope it isn't 99 years before the Diamondbacks win the World Series again. If it is, well, I'll still be a fan (from the lap of God, of course).

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