Friday, October 26, 2007

God at the Pita Jungle

Peregrini took a field trip type pilgrimage evening to the Pita Jungle in Tempe - the Pita Jungle is a popular place to eat in Tempe, the food is good, the atmosphere is amenable to conversation and the price is reasonable. It's not our normal Peregrini hangout, but its a familiar place to most who show up for our weekly conversation.

Our topic this week was, "where is God? in the inconveniences of life?" Funny thing, that conversation never appeared. Which, is what a good Peregrini is all about - following the natural trend of what is on our minds and what is troubling our souls. We struggled with some national political issues as well as some local leaders who are trying to grab the headlines. We talked about various religious issues. The group encouraged one another in our efforts to be good stewards of the earth and to love our neighbors by feeding and clothing the most needy in the Tempe area. Jeff and Caroline are having a "Cool People Care" party. Its a unique movement of young adults, check it out.

What is most heartening about our conversation is that in it we find the ability to tease one other, love one another, care about one another - we are a community. A community that has room in it for new ideas, difference of opinions and those who care to join us on the walk.

if you are in the Tempe (larger Phoenix) area you are welcomed to join us - we meet regularly every Thursday, 7 pm, at St. Augustine's on the corner of Broadway and College (two blocks south of ASU). We always have a good (free) meal and the conversation - well, it could go anywhere, though I will admit I never remember talking about Elvis' appearance - but, who knows.

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